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Apple Laptop Motherboard Repair
£95 Fixed Fee Laptop Repair
Our nationwide couriers will collect your laptop for FREE.
The repair is carried out by highly qualified engineers and soak tested for 48 hours.
The laptop is returned to you with a 90 day warranty.
0208 830 1958
Allied Computers International Limited T/A

ACi ltd, is the UK's first laptop specialist, the company was formed in 1987. Initially conceived as a software design house, the directors found it very hard to purchase a laptop in the UK.

This inspired the directors to move away from software and into the hardware market, leading to ACi becoming the UK's first laptop specialist. It was, at the time, the only company in UK selling solely laptops to the market.

ACi grew very strong, even out selling the likes of Dell, due to its aggressive pricing and outstanding service.

As the price of laptop decrease so did the quality, this lead to the growth of our repair facility.

ACi directors acted upon this growth and used its already strong link to the ODM manufacturers to secure training for all ACi engineers.

Finally as the cost of laptop reduced ACi turned away from sales and into repairs. This was seen as a much more sustainable business. As ACi still has a very strong relationship with ODM manufacturers we have been able to, over the years, train new engineers to the high levels we require.

ACi has always regarded after sale service to be at a very high standard, so the move from sales to the repair industry has been a very easy one.

20 Years Experience
Specialist Equipment
Highly Trained Engineers
Copyright 2010 Allied Computers International Limited
Designed by ACi Ltd,
All Prices Exclude Vat. Free Collection is coupled with a requisite Delivery Charge of £20 plus Vat.
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